Plant Automation

Plant Automation


Automation is the art of manufacturing products with a minimum of manual intervention, at high quality and at low cost. All departments/trades should therefore be perfectly coordinated with each other. EDAG PS achieves this high level of automation through the use of modern innovative tools, experience, the technology of the digital factory, and virtual commissioning.

PLC Programming

  • e-Plan
  • BMW Smart Automation Suite (SAS)
  • ZenOn

Software design

PLC programmers with expertise in Software Design for a wide range of application
and complete automation all automotive production especially BIW

Our Services

  • PLC and Safety programming in Siemens in (BMW L7/LU/V8.x, Sicar, VASS5/6 )
  • Development of Visualization and SCADA systems on Platforms (WinCC, Win CC Flexible, ZenOn, RSView32)
  • Industrial Communication & Plant Networking for Production MES Systems
  • Commissioning and Operation of Drive (SEW / Siemens / Lenze / Mitsubishi)
  • Drive Application Programming (SEW Drive, MoviMot , MoviFit)
  • Intelligent actuators and sensors
  • Client standards: BMW V7/8.x, TIA portal, VASS

Robot Programming

Our know-how in the systems of all common robot and application technologies and OEM standards is the ideal basis for your robotics topics.

Our Services

Offline Programming (OLP) with RCS

  • Module component in internal mechatronic engineering
  • Process Simulate
  • Delmia V5 Robotics
  • Multi-Resource Simulation (MRS)
  • P-Tool Application
  • KUKA, ABB, Fanuc


Online Programming

Support for virtual commissioning
In connection with the actual commissioning on site until SOP

  • Client standards: VASS, Integra, BMW V8.x
  • Robots: ABB, KUKA, Fanuc
  • RCS, MRS (Multi Resource Simulation)

Virtual commissioning

  • Focused on the ramp-up process of automated production lines
  • Validation of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical construction as well as the PLC- and robot programs
  • With the aim to ensure the correct functionality of the automation system



  • Shortening the ramp-up time and product launches
  • Avoiding damage of the system engineering and Equipment technology
  • Commissioning and integration of new types independent from on-site activities (e.g. mechanical and electrical installation, current production etc.)
  • Flexible validation scenarios (endless part source, technical fault scenarios etc.)
  • Assuring standardisation
  • Checking of all system states
  • Tools/Software for Behaviour Model: WinMOD, RF::VIPER, SIMIT
  • Visualization: RF:SGVIEW / YAMS, SIMLINE