On 11.02.2020 EDAG Engineering GmbH was awarded the coveted ThinKing Award for their lightweight solution "BatteRANGE" from the Lightweight Cluster Baden-Württemberg (Leichtbau BW). As one of the largest lightweight technology networks in the world Leichtbau BW supports businesses in marketing their products and concepts. At a ceremony in Stuttgart Jochen Seifert, EDAG Switzerland, accepted the award on behalf of the EDAG Commercial Vehicle Team from Theresia Bauer, State Minister for Science, Research and Arts and Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger, Managing Director of Leichtbau BW.

The second place of the ThinKing Award recognizes the BatteRANGE chassis concept from the EDAG Group as an excellent example for conceptual lightweight design. The concept study "BatteRANGE" shows what the chassis of a commercial vehicle can look like in the future. The lightweight HGV frame is modularly built and can be scaled for various drive concepts. The engineers from the one of the world's largest engineering service providers were particularly interested in the possible load capacity. Additional energy storage systems should compensate for an increase in weight.

Variability needed in the future can no longer be met in commercial vehicle construction using the traditional ladder type chassis frame. In preparation for the introduction of alternative drive solutions a cage-like frame concept is much more suitable to integrate complex modules with more torsional stiffness and using less materials, i.e. fuel cells, gas storage tanks and batteries. The possibility of pre-assembly of these complex drive components outside of the timed operating process is beneficial for new safety inspections and implementation routines.

This is where the EDAG concept study BatteRANGE comes into play - BatteRANGE a play on the words battery and variable range - it offers great conditions for the integration of various drive systems and at the same time usual numerous axles and wheelbase options. Due to the modular and scalable structure there are advantages in the production process and the necessary variance in heavy goods engineering. The EDAG group are already working on taking this concept study to series production for a customer.