Far from being a technical gimmick, virtual commissioning saves time and money, and improves software quality. For all control levels from PMES to PLC, software solutions assist our control engineering colleagues. 3D models offer realistic insights into the processes of machines and equipment, and help to detect errors.

For years, EDAG PS has been developing virtual commissioning solutions when producing software for programmable logic controllers (PLC), in this way helping to create safety for the operator in advance.

Individual test scenarios

To further increase cost efficiency, at EDAG PS, we have also integrated the Emulate3D software solution. Along with the sensors and actuators, the system is reproduced in the test environment, and can be controlled by a PLC and coupled with various systems, such as those from Siemens, Allen Bradley or Beckhoff, for instance. Further protocols are already available in the standard version, and can be added to if necessary.

The PLC can now be tested for standard situations as well as for special cases. Higher control levels, too, such as warehouse management computers or material flow computers can also be integrated and subjected to functional testing. In a library for model construction, Emulate3D offers standard modules, which can be supplemented by further specific modules

The smartest solution for any application

Visualisation, optimisation and commissioning of the concept: Emulate3D supplies all three phases, saves model building expense, and provides transparency in project handling.

Our simulation experts at EDAG PS use Demo3D/ Emulate3D software for logistics systems, but also Plant Simulation, AutoMod and Witness. “We use the right tool for the given application,” says Ingo Rosteck, Head of Process Simulation. “It is always a question of finding the smartest solution for a particular situation.”